White Swept Ornate Deep Box Frame 12x10" - White 3 Mount, Black Back

  • A great box display frame for showcasing your precious items
  • Various mount colours and styles of varying display sizes
  • Depth of frame is 1.75”, great for displaying casts, medals and objects
  • Frame comes in kit form and is easy to assemble, instructions and fixings are included
  • Made in the UK



Made in the UK, this gorgeous classical deep box Ornate Rococo display frame is perfect for displaying precious items such as baby casts, medals, ornaments, keepsakes, models, dried flowers – in fact anything that you want to protect and have on show!

Choose your mount style from the selection:

1 Hole Mount Display Area Dimensions Portrait/Landscape: 7.7x9.7” Large Display Area

2 Hole Mount Display Area Dimensions Portrait: 8x8.5” Large Display Area, 4x1” Small Text Area

3 Hole Mount Display Area Dimensions Landscape: 5.4x7.7” Large Display Area, 4x6” Photo Area, 3x1” Small Text Area

With a visible glass measurement of 12x10”, the overall frame size is approximately 15x13” (including the frame moulding) with a display depth of 1.75".

The frame is supplied with fixings and instructions on how to assemble (which is easily done and takes only a couple of minutes).

This is a lovely frame and whatever you choose to display in it, it will all look absolutely fabulous!


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