BabyRice Skin Safe Alginate - 1KG

1KG of BabyRice Alginate Powder. With its Skin Safe and fast setting formula, BabyRice alginate powder is perfect for baby casting, pet paw casting and more. The working time of the alginate powder can be increased by simply adjusting the temperature of the water.
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BabyRice alginate powder is exactly what you need for making highly detailed impressions of body parts, such as hands and feets. Once complete, your alginate impressions moulds can be filled with casting plaster to create lifelike replicas of body parts.  

Supplied in 500g heat-sealed bags, BabyRice alginate stays in tip top condition until you are ready to use it. Each bag is clearly marked with a best before date and has a shelf life of around 20 months.

Bigger bag, better value

While other suppliers stock 450g bags of alginate, BabRice is the only UK supplier that offers 500g bags of alginate moulding powder, giving you more value for your money than other suppliers.

Chromatic alginate powder

Chromatic simply means colour-changing. BabyRice alginate powder goes through a three-stage colour changing process:

  • It starts life as a white powder

  • When mixed with water it turns into a pink paste or gel

  • Once it’s set, the alginate will turn white again

Occasionally, BabyRice alginate powder starts life as a pink powder that turns into a white paste and goes pink again once set. This is rare and does not affect the performance of the alginate.

Fast setting alginate

The working and setting times depends of BabyRice Alginate depends on the temperature of the water, putting you in control of the process.

This working time of the moulding material can be extended by reducing the temperature of the water used to mix the alginate. If you need to speed up the setting time, simply increase the temperature of the water. Full instructions are provided with every order.

Skin Safe alginate powder

Alginate's main ingredient is kelp, a form of seaweed, so it’s completely safe to use on your skin! All BabyRice alginate is “dental grade”, meaning it can be used by dentists to make moulds in people's mouths. What’s more, our alginate conforms to British Safety Standards BS 4269 Pt.2:1991 and ISO 1563:1990.

Perfect for making hand casts

BabyRice Skin Safe Alginate can be used to create highly detailed impression moulds. In order to create a cast, you will need to pour casting plaster into your mould. You can purchase this from our Casting Refills page.

Uses for BabyRice alginate

BabyRice Skin Safe Alginate is suitable for a wide range of uses, including: mould making for dental work; life casting for hobbyists, artists, medical professionals and special effects professionals.

  • New parents use our alginate to make hand and footprint impressions of their newborn babies.

  • Pet owners and veterinarians use our alginate to make 3D replicas of pets paws.

  • Funeral directors and hospices use our alginate to cast limbs of family members to create lasting memorials of loved ones.

  • Professional artists use our alginate to cast body parts when creating sculptures.

  • Special effects studios and make-up artists use our alginate to create highly detailed moulds of actors' faces, hands and feet.

  • Medical professionals use our alginate to make moulds of limbs when developing new prosthetics.

  • Dentists use our alginate to make moulds of patients mouths.

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