Deluxe Deep Box White Frame, Blue mount, Black backing

Handmade deep box frame - gorgeous deep frame moulding that shows the same frame finish on the outer sides of the box too. There is also a matching inner box to this frame (which holds the glass and front mount card in place) so when you look inside the box frame, you can see a nice, matching inner to the outer frame. This frame is used in our ''deluxe'' frame baby casting kit range - the materials used to make this box display frame are superior to our standard box frames, hence the price! Please click on this item for more information.


Product Description


Gorgeous deep shadow box display frame with a single aperture mount. Great for displaying baby casts and other 3D objects such as medals, wedding flowers, keepsakes, insects, awards, certificates and so on.

This versatile 3d box frame has a large display area of 13x7" or 7x13" that can be hung in either landscape or portrait orientation.


Glass measurement: 15 x 9" (38 x 22.5cm)
Aperture Size: 13 x 6.75” (33 x 17.6cm)
Box depth: 1.75” (4.6cm)
Overall frame size: approx 17 x 11.5” (43 x 29.2cm) - this includes frame moulding

Comes with fixings and instructions to put the frame together (which is very easily done).

Handmade by us in England, UK.

This is a lovely frame and whatever you choose to display in it, we can assure you that it will all look absolutely fabulous!

Frame kit contains

  • Frame
  • Glass
  • Front mount card
  • Backing card
  • 46mm boxing
  • Backboard
  • D-rings
  • Angle bracket
  • Screws
  • Easy-to-follow instructions

Packaged in a sturdy box.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Size N/A
Mount Colour N/A
Frame Style 3D Box/Deep Picture
Frame Material Wood
Color White


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